Desperate Kim Kardashian Fan Begs Her To Follow Him On Twitter Otherwise He Will Get An Enema

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Is this really an ultimatum?

In our increasingly celebrity obsessed environment, it seems like people will do anything to get noticed and acknowledged by their favourite celebrity. I’m not sure if the guy in this post really is offering all that much in his quest to meet Kim Kardashian though.

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LA radio DJ J Cruz refers to himself as Kim’s number one fan and in an effort to get her to follow him back on Twitter, appeared on Los Angeles’ Power 106 radio station and begged his 30,000 Twitter followers to inundate Kim with messages getting him to follow her. If she didn’t by the end of his self imposed timeline, then he would be forced to get an enema.

Yeah, think about that for a second. An enema. Although it’s probably not the nicest feeling in the world, it’s supposed to be good for you to flush all that crap out of your butt, so I’m hardly convinced about why this is even an ultimatum for Kim. In fact, neither was she, pretty much reiterating my stance on the matter:

Yeah, as you can guess, she didn’t actually follow him back and he went through with it and got the colonic, which he said he really enjoyed and loved. It turned out that Kim already listened to his radio show and apparently followed him back after he did it though, which is kind of cruel but also kinda badass and smashing the patriarchy.

Although in all honesty, this guy’s timeline is such a mess of tweets, retweets and replies I can’t really tell what went on at all. That’s my best guess though from what I read and seems like a fitting end to the story. Seems like everybody won in the end.

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