The Desperados CityHack Event Culminated In A Humongous Party In London Last Friday

Desperados City Hack Final

The three different city teams had to compete against each other in one building for one night to see who could throw the biggest party and be the CityHack champions.

If you’ve been checking out the site over the last few weeks then you’ll have seen the Desperados CityHack challenge whereby three different teams of creatives from London, Manchester and Bristol had to compete against each other to throw the biggest party that the country had ever seen. The first three challenges were all based in each of the participating teams’ home cities to test their skills in the build up to the main event, but the finale last Friday moved to London in Building 6, where each of the three teams were given a couple of hours each to try and pull out all the stops and win the competition by throwing one hell of a party.

And it doesn’t look like they disappointed as each team managed to secure some absolutely insane guest stars for their sets. The Manchester squad were first up with DRS, Chimpo (from their original song on the first challenge), Jenna G, and the living legend General Levy showing up as guest PAs during North Base’s set, which was swiftly followed by the London team’s Mr A playing a jungle set featuring General Levy again (a bit of a case of double booking which Manchester weren’t happy about as you’ll see in the video below) and Riya. The Bristol team then continued the vibe with a surprise set from none other than Roni Size.

These sets were all bookended by a garage set from Mr A and a multi genre mix from Bristol’s Patrick Namezi to open up the night and up front D & B night from North Base back to back with Randall to finish it off – going as late as 6 a.m. In addition to this, the main room of the building (yeah, the teams only got control of the second room) also played host to names like Joker, Flava D, Dimension and Sub Focus all contributing to one of the biggest multi genre raves that London has ever seen.

To compliment this all three teams had a bunch of unique installations throughout the venue and smoking area which included projection mapping, graffiti, giant LED walls, light sculptures and free massages – undoubtedly a highlight for stressed out ravers – which all added to the killer vibe of the night.

Well, I think we can all agree that it looked like another complete smasher of a night from the UKF team and if you weren’t there then it seems fairly clear that you missed out. The only question that remains to be answered is which team actually ended up winning the competition. Stay tuned for that announcement.


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