Desperados Are Staging Some Of The Biggest Parties Of The Summer With Their City Challenges

City Hack Bristol

Bristol, Manchester and London are all competing to see who can throw the biggest, best and most unique party of the summer – and you’re invited.

This summer Desperados is challenging three randomly selected creative teams to utilise their city as a blank canvas and put on a completely unique club event in a venue that nobody has ever heard of or used before.

The teams are all assembled from Desperados competition winners and represent the best underground DJ, promoter, visual and street artist talent in the cities taking part: London, Bristol and Manchester. The first of the city challenges is to present a promotional music video to perfectly illustrate the city, the mentality behind the team and the vibe they’re going to bring to this night of ultimate partying.

The London team consists of promoter Alex Donald, DJ Aaron Beveney, animator Tom Scott and the graphic designer Just Blank. Their music video contains a song from Plastician and Jammz aptly titled ‘London Life’ and it perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to live in London in 2015, representing all the different cross sections of society that currently congregate there. This of course includes the contrast between the stereotypical bearded hipster on his fixed gear bike and the big shot banker getting a taxi everywhere, but it also includes the old timers that still reside in the area as well as the young teenagers that are growing up here. It’s the perfect depiction of the melting pot of the city at the moment and of all the influences that will be present when it comes to their night.

The Bristol team features DJ Patrick Nazemi, promoter Stefan Chelland, graphic designer Alex Williamson and visual artist Tom Gardner and their video takes a very different approach to that of the London team. Set to the backing track of Mediks, the video begins in a disused club with the team helping to clean it out to turn it into the ultimate party venue, and then moves on to highlight different aspects of the unique Bristol partying scene including fire dancers, free runners, graffiti artists and big time marching drum bands. Combine all these elements and it looks as though these guys will be putting on a party that’s going to take some beating.

Finally, the Manchester team is made up of DJ Silver, promoter James Galloway, graphic designer Leo Eastland and visual artist Adam Al Sened. This video is from Sam Binga and Chimpo and features Chimpo going up against a rival monkey gang who are trying to steal his golden bananas in some of Manchester’s iconic party locations, all accompanied by a filthy bassline. Although the video itself isn’t as precise in its depiction of Manchester as the other two teams, it implies that there’s going to be a big party at the end of it that will involve a lot of crazy surprises and some of the best music to come out of Manchester in recent years. Like the video says, you’ll be going bananas in Manchester once you’ve been to this team’s party.

All three of these videos and teams look like they’re going to perfectly represent their cities and throw some of the most insane parties that we’ve ever seen. Make sure you stay tuned to the Desperados Facebook page to find out what’s going down and how you can get involved – you don’t want to miss out on these parties because they’re guaranteed to be off the chain.


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