A Designer Has Created AirPod Earrings So You’ll Never Lose Your AirPods

Airpod Earrings

Good idea.

It seems like this year’s most popular Christmas present was AirPods, as I think there’s been an exponential increase in the number of people wearing them when I’ve been going about my daily commute.

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Of course, as with any headphones there’s always the possibility that you might lose them because that’s just what happens with headphones isn’t it? They get lost and obviously AirPods are even easier to lose because they’re not on a string or anything and very small.

One designer has come up with an awesome way to combat this though by turning her AirPods into earrings. That way, when she’s finished listening to music she can just unplug them and wear them as a fashion accessory (if they weren’t already a fashion accessory that is). Very cool.

Here’s what 22 year old Gabrielle Reilly had to say about her invention:

A lot of people either tell me I’m a genius or question the design.

I think AirPod earrings was an idea a lot of people had, but didn’t know how to realise the concept.

I have been making jewellery ever since I can remember because my mom is very into DIY.

Initially, I had put the AirPods on a chain necklace because I absolutely refuse to lose them.

A lot of people ask, ‘Why not just get regular earphones?’ – I wanted AirPods because my cat has chewed through numerous wired earphones and I was tired of it.

The necklace held up really well, so I thought, ‘Why not make earrings?’

It was more or less a joke, especially considering how AirPods have become a meme – but it was a functional joke.

I was so surprised when the post went viral, I didn’t expect any of this at all,” she continued.

I’m super thankful for the support though, it has been quite an interesting experience.

A majority of the reactions are jokes in response to AirPods but it’s all fun, I enjoy seeing all the interactions with my posts.

In the future I’m going to be selling more jewellery which isn’t tech related but I’m still very excited about it.

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I mean yeah you probably would be happy about it going viral, although it sounds like a lot of the comments are just from people calling her a twat. Standard when it comes to AirPods though enit.

However, if you’re already wearing AirPods then I doubt you’re too bothered about the stigma surrounding them, so why not look even more like a tool by wearing them as earrings. Ain’t no way it’s gonna be annoying having those dangling from your ears when you’re not wearing them. it’s pretty much just getting a headphone wire back for them, except when you’re not actually listening to music.

Really useful. Only $20 too. Bargain.

For more AirPods, check out this wire that came out when they were first release to connect them. Genius.


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