Derren Brown Reveals Teaser Trailer For His Screwed Up Ghost Train Ride At Thorpe Park

100% guaranteed to make you crap your pants.

It’s no secret that Derren Brown gets off massively on fucking with people’s heads, and he’s set to do it in a major way with this new ghost train ride at Thorpe Park which he’s been working on for the last few years.

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The TV illusionist created the ride for Thorpe Park which he reckons “represents the future of theme parks across the world”.

Unfortunately the info isn’t very forthcoming — all we know is that the ride takes place in a warehouse that contains an old-fashioned train carriage hanging in mid-air. The creepy doll that pops up in the trailer is possibly involved as well.

Watch below:

I like Derren Brown and think he’s got a wicked brain, so I’m looking forward to this one. Just have to wait until Spring 2016 to check it out.

I’m sure he’s extra happy he worked out this deal with Thorpe Park and not Alton Towers, all things considered. Though that might’ve been the psychic premonition at work there.


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