Denver Airport Conspiracy Theories And Weird Artwork

A huge murderous blue horse, people with gas masks, phallic symbols and underground tunnels. Welcome to Denver International Airport.

One story of intense mystery that caused many to cry “miliatary experiments!” was a time when the windows in 14 aircraft smashed almost simulataneously. The culprit, it seems, was high wind (which is common in Denver), cold (also common) and gravel. It’s a windy dry place and that sort of thing happens. Or, if you are into conspiracy theories then it was an electro magnetic pulse. Even though electromagnetism can’t break glass. So… demon in a suitcase anyone?

Denver International Airport Conspiracy - Art - Gargoyle 2

There’s also theories that the airport houses detainees of the NWO underground. There actually are tunnels under there, but it was a failed and abandoned attempt at an automated baggage handling system. Others, including international super brain Jesse “The Body” Ventura, say it it is an underground bunker to protect the elite from the 2012 apocalypse. By the way, did that apocalypse thingy happen in the end? I was watching TV, I must have missed it I guess.

Denver International Airport Conspiracy - Art - Bison People

They also have a time capsule buried in the airport, like an old episode of Blue Peter. The local Masonic Lodge was involved in sorting it out so there’s a masonic symbol on there. Now, we all know the conspiracy dudes hate them. They’re part of the NWO and Illuminati remember. Or, on the other hand, they are a local charitable organisation. You decide.

Denver International Airport Conspiracy - Art - Masons

You can imagine how much they loved the “New World Airport Commission” bit! Apparently that organisation doesn’t even exist. Secrets…

Lastly and bizarrely there are others that see nothing but winkies in the DIA. Here’s a bloke called Mr Third Eagle of the Apocalypse. Yup. He’s an expert at finding phallic shapes everywhere. I can’t even be arsed to write about it, have a look for yourself. Grade ‘A’ nutter:

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As with many of these conspiracy turds, they busy themselves with searching hard for evidence without stopping to consider why. For instance, why would a secret organisation build their HQ under one of the busiest airports in the world when the Rocky mountains and complete seclusion are just a few miles away? And even if they had decided that the DIA was the best place in the world to hide, why would they stick their memorabilia all over the place? It makes no sense. Here’s a video that neatly sums up the “facts” about the Illuminati:

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I’m not saying there are no shadowy groups, I’m not saying there aren’t any conspiracies. I’m just saying: think it through people. Don’t be so eager to cry wolf, because one day you may well get it right, but no one will be listening any more and the giant blue horse might just come after you

Denver International Airport Conspiracy - Art - Blue Laser Horse Fixer

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