Veteran Labour MP Booted Out Of Parliament For Calling Cameron ‘Dodgy Dave’

Dennis Skinner

The truth hurts.

It was a big day in the Houses Of Parliament yesterday as a House Of Commons statement on the Panama Papers leak descended into farce, which probably isn’t that unusual to see in there these days.

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Veteran labour MP Dennis Skinner was determined to receive an answer from David Cameron regarding how he had managed to write off his mortgages in Oxfordshire and Notting Hill after previously being mugged off when he asked him about it just after he formed the coalition. Obviously with the recent leak and revelations about Cameron’s payment of taxes (or lack thereof), it’s again become more of an important issue.

Unfortunately though, Skinner chose to refer to Cameron as ‘Dodgy Dave’ during the question, which caused The Speaker to ask him to retract that statement. Skinner refused, instead repeating it multiple times before being thrown out of the chamber:

Lol. Although that is really funny, it does come across as again showing how the Houses Of Parliament have just descended into a joke by people shouting at each other and insulting each other and nothing really useful coming out of them.

I suppose they’ve always been like that to some extent, but since Corbyn has come into the Labour Party, despite his efforts it seems to have turned into even more of a parody of itself. I doubt anything is going to change in there any time soon though as that’s just the way politics in this country seem to be going.

If you’re still confused about what the Panama Papers actually are, then read this.


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