Demi Lovato Has Doubled Down On Her Claim That She’s Been Communicating With Aliens

This story is ridiculous.

It’s been all doom and gloom on these pages for most of January, but now that Biden’s President maybe things will start to get better, starting with this dumbass story about Demi Lovato and her ‘experience’ communicating with aliens.

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Lovato had already gone on record in October saying that she had spent some time at Joshua Tree with ufologist Steven Greer where she ended up making contact with aliens, but she decided to elaborate in what happened when she appeared on Kesha’s podcast the other day. Here’s what she had to say:

The week I was in Joshua Tree with [ufologist] Steven Greer I saw a bunch of stuff. We saw this really really bright light [shows photo]. This blue orb kept floating in front of us, 20-30 feet away. When I would walk up to it, it would keep floating back 20-30 feet away.

Greer calls this blue orb kindness because they had an experience with the same blue orb in the desert where it actually healed somebody’s hearing loss and so they named it kindness.

I love meditating so much. I would choose a night of meditation over a night out at a club any time especially if it is going to result in contact.

It was super easy to make contact we had been meditating all week and then it only took us 10 minutes before [we] looked up and saw a saw a ship. It had two red lights… you’re seeing it and you’re just like “cool so everyone else saw that?” Yeah.

Do you know what astral projection is? The best way I [can] describe it is when your consciousness leaves your body. You can travel to different places in the present future past or you could travel to different planets. You have an out of body experience. The night that I asked that orb to come back and hang out with me in my dreams I fully astral projected in my sleep. I had this experience where I was in my room and these beings were like ‘do you want to come back to our planet?’

I’m sucked out of my room and I’m just like hovering in deep space. I fly to this pink and purple planet that looked like Dr. Seuss. Then I woke up. I don’t know if it was just a really intense dream, If I full on astral projected or if I was abducted. I’m not really sure. Then my friend had the same experience a week later when he got home from the same trip.

Wow. That’s a really long way for someone to say that they went to Joshua Tree and tripped balls on acid isn’t it? I remember my first trip Demi, there’s no need to go on every podcast ever and talk about it over and over again. You’re not special. Thanks for coming across like a complete dumbass though.

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