Delusional ‘Energy Shield Master’ Dares Martial Artist To Punch Him In The Face (VIDEO)

This guy reckons he can stop a punch with invisible energy.

This clip out of Ukraine features a no-touch ‘energy shield master’ receiving the reality check of a lifetime after he invites a professional martial artist to test his skills.

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He asks seven-time martial arts champion of Ukraine Alexander Litvinenko to punch him in the face, since he believes he can stop any physical threat with just the impulse of his hand movements.

Here’s how that turned out for him:

Think that was pretty conclusive? This guy is definitely not an energy shield master. Unless the shield is his face, in which case that was a 10/10 demonstration. You can’t go around claiming to be an energy shield master and not expect to get punched in the face eventually.

Oppositely, here’s some guy on the street asking complete strangers to punch him in the face, and managing to dodge every single punch with some seriously slick dodging skills.


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