The DeLorean Set To Make A Comeback On The Car Market

Back To The Future


Anyone who has ever seen Back To The Future (so everyone ever) has probably asked the same question: where the hell can I get a car as cool as the DeLorean, even if it doesn’t go back in time?

Well, the answer might be the year 2017 as a recent change in US law means that it could be coming back on the market. Basically, if a car is built from pre existing parts (as a new DeLorean would have to be), then it only needs to be held to the emissions standards of the year that it was originally manufactured, and not the emissions standards that huge car manufacturers have to abide by today.

Although the official line on this change in the law is to ‘spur innovation, including advance in alternative fuel and green vehicle technologies’, it also means that DeLorean’s similar to the classic model can be built again. And if you’re really really lucky, you just might be able to buy one.

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You’re going to have to be super rich and super lucky though if you want to bag one, the reason being that it’s estimated that there are only the parts left from the 80s to effectively make another 300 of them. And I’m fairly sure that there’s more than 300 people in the world that absolutely buzz off Back To The Future.

It’s estimated that they’ll retail for around $100,000. Ouch.

Alternatively, if you can find an old DeLorean and have a spare $45,000, then these guys will make it up for you in the exact style of Back To The Future. Unfortunately I don’t have either of those amounts of money right now, or probably ever. Oh well.


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