Deliveroo Is About To Start Offering Unlimited Free Delivery, All Day Every Day


Game changer.

Deliveroo has been a game changing organisation ever since it was founded a few years back, as what could be better than having gourmet restaurant food delivered straight to your door for a small fee.

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Well, it seems like Deliveroo have come up with the answer and that’s to get gourmet restaurant food delivered to your door without a delivery fee whenever you want it. Yes, that’s right, Deliveroo are launching a new unlimited subscription service that will allow you to order as many Deliveroos as you want for the month for just £7.99.

Granted, the all day part is a bit misleading as the restaurant you want to order from will also have to be open, and the ‘free’ part is too as you’re essentially paying a fee for the subscription, but all in all if you’re using Deliveroo a lot then it sounds like a good deal. You only need to get four deliveries a month – that’s one a week, which isn’t that unreasonable – to make it worth your while and hey if you’re ordering about eight Deliveroos a month then you’re actually making money. Of course, you’re still paying the restaurant for the food, but taking out the delivery fee does leave you a surprising amount of cash in your back pocket. Result.


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Apparently after trialling the system around the country, the company found that the average customer saved £25 from the service and one in ten people were saving £75. Seems like a lot of people are using Deliveroo a hell of a lot of the time these days if they’re saving £75 – that’s like 20 deliveries a month, almost one a day??? Madness.

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