Deliveroo Is Giving Away Thousands Of Ice Creams Today To Keep Everyone Cool


Thank God for Deliveroo – or maybe that should be thank God for Deliveroo’s excellent marketing team – as they’re giving away thousands of free ice creams today to try and help keep us cool during the hottest day of the year.

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I was hoping that it was easy as logging onto the app and ordering a free ice cream that would show up right at your door, but unfortunately that’s not the case and the ice creams are only going to be available to people in London. The idea behind the scheme is that the tubes are absolutely boiling in this weather, so the good people at Deliveroo will be there to greet you as you get off dripping in sweat with an ice cream to help cool you down.

You’ll be able to find them outside Bank, Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street stations today from 12pm. Here’s what Joe Groves at Deliveroo said:

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No one embraces summer quite like us Brits, from burnt-to-a-crisp BBQs, endless park pursuits and lobster tans galore.

But Londoners face something worse than a simple farmers tan, the Central line. So this Thursday as the mercury begins to burst we’ll be handing out delicious Judes and Oppo Ice Cream across the hottest tube line in London.

I mean that is pretty safe of them, you can’t really dispute that. Just kinda wish the offer was replicated all over the country and they would just deliver a bunch of ice cream to my door. That really would be too good to be true though hey – although you kinda expect them to deliver stuff because it’s in the name hey? Sort it out for next time guys.

For more of the same, check them out giving away 6000 Greggs sausage rolls. That’s more what I’m talking about.


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