This Woman’s Breast Implants Deflated And They Now Look Absolutely Horrific (NSFL)

Here’s why you should think twice about getting that boob job done.

Dee Stein from Las Vegas was told by multiple plastic surgeons that it would be impossible to remove her masive 30lb breast implants after they deflated, but surgeons in LA somehow managed it, which Dee risking infection and death during the procedure.

Dr. Terry Dubrow said:

Dee’s case by far in away is the most difficult, scariest, challenging, nearly impossible that I have ever seen or ever heard about in plastic surgery.

Kinda reminds us of the guy with a humogous balls who used to have to lug them around everywhere, except his balls were a freak result of nature and not an ill thought out decision to get stupendously massive breast implants.

Anyway, click arrows/swipe on mobile to check out the results. Entirely NSFW/NSFL – you have been warned.


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