Watch Dee Nasty Teach You How To Make A Fruit Salad Bong

Fruit Salad Bong

Perfect for your next BBQ.

It looks like summer is finally over here in the UK after one of the best ones that we’ve ever had, but if you’re still holding out for one last BBQ with your mates getting high then here’s the only party piece you’re going to need for it.

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It comes courtesy of Vice’s Dee Nasty who has someone managed to figure out how to make a bong out your favourite pieces of fruit: watermelon, pineapple and apples that looks like it smokes well and tastes great. I’ll let her take it away:

Wow she was high huh but I suppose when you’re a functioning stoner you can really make stuff happen. The whole process looked pretty goddamn long and complicated though and I’m not sure if everyone really has access to hot glue or should be handling it when they’re completely baked, so I doubt I’m gonna be attempting to make this any time soon.

If you fancy giving it a go though then more power to you. Unfortunately the chances of a BBQ/nice weather ever happening again look fairly slim so you might have to wait until next summer to show off your handiwork. A lot of time to practice though.

Oh yeah and shout out for the great Human Centipede reference too. Love that shit.

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