You, Me And The Big C Host Accused Of ‘Sexualising Cancer’ With Instagram Posts

What an inspiration.

Can cancer be sexualised? According to the haters having a go at the BBC’s Deborah James – it can. The You, Me and The Big C host has been accused of ‘sexualising’ the disease because of certain photos she’s shared on social media as she documents her battle with bowel cancer and road to recovery.

Have a look at this photo…

Does that look like a person sexualising cancer? Or is that a sexy person who happens to have cancer? Deborah, 40, has been living with the disease for nearly six years after being one of the few to outlive her prognosis from the doctors. In a recent column, she wrote:

I share the highs and lows of my life with cancer. I’ve dressed as a poo emoji to raise awareness of a disease people refuse to talk about because it’s embarrassing. And I’ve posted photos of hideous skin rashes after treatment.

Yet I’ve been accused of sexualising cancer, of pouting too much and acting like a teenager.

Deborah revealed she’s been asked if she should ‘really be posting’ these sorts of photos. Some trolls have even brought her children into their nasty messages, claiming her son must be ‘embarrassed’ of her.

Jeez, how miserable must you be to feel that way about a cancer patient, let alone put the time and effort into sending them that abuse. Why would you even frame it as sexualising cancer, rather than commend her for showing that cancer doesn’t need to make you weak and terrified? Must take a lot to get up each day and put on a brave face for your loved ones, without also having to deal with these losers who manage to find a problem with everything.

Let’s hope Deborah’s treatment is successful and that she’s in remission soon. What an inspiration!

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