This Death Row Killer Cracked A Joke Moments Before His Execution

Rodney Berget

Stoic to the end.

If I was heading to my execution on Death Row I’ve literally got no idea how I would act, but I suppose you can do a lot worse than to crack a joke and seem not that fussed about it.

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This is exactly how Rodney Berget chose to react as he was led to his death a couple of days ago in South Dakota State Penitentiary. His execution had been delayed for five hours whilst the US Supreme Court considered a last ditch appeal from him, so upon arrival he deadpanned the following:

Sorry for the delay, I got caught in traffic.

Rodney Berget 2

I mean that is kinda badass whatever way you look at it – it’s kinda like something that someone out of a Quentin Tarantino movie would say, right? Having said that though, I don’t think that Berget is that cool a guy as he was put to death because he brutally murdered a prison guard (snapping his fingers, neck and wrists before bludgeoning him to death with a pipe) during a failed escape attempt back in April 2011, after already serving a life sentence for kidnapping and murder. Sounds like a real piece of work tbh right – probably deserved to die.

To make matters ever worse, after his joke Berget refused to apologise to the families of his victims, instead choosing to tell his own family that he loved them and he would ‘meet them out there’. He was pronounced dead at 7:37 pm following a lethal injection. Good riddance. – hope there’s a more receptive audience to your jokes in hell.

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