Rap group Death Grips to release two new albums in 2012.

Death Grips

Anyone who didn’t spend most of last year in a coma will know that Sacramento rap group Death Grips dropped one of the hottest mixtapes in years (it’s an album really, but I guess mixtape sounds cooler?). The band are made-up of MC Ride, Flatlander and, most notably, Zach Hill of Hella. For those who stopped falling arse-over-tit for Tyler the Creator for long enough to realise that he is actually shit, Exmilitary provided a perfect mix of inventive and straight-up aggressive and slightly unhinged hip-hop. Plus, any band that can successfully sample Black Flag and Jane’s Addiction are class in my book. It’s free to download from their website so do yourself a favour and get it if you haven’t already.

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So that’s the old news, now onto the new news. Last week Death Grips announced on their Facebook page that they will be releasing not one, but TWO new albums this year, the first one landing sometime in April. If these records are even half as good as the first then this will be a massive year for them. I fully expect them to totally BLOW UP this year. Here’s a little preview:

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