A Dealer Found With £57,000 Worth Of Cocaine In His Car Argued He Was A Key Worker

I guess there is a case.

Not sure how all of you out there are dealing with the lockdown, but it seems like more and more of us are turning to cocaine given how much this dealer was riding around with in his car when he was pulled over by police.

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26 year old Ben Evans was driving back from picking up the drugs late at night on the A40 from Brecon, Powys and tried to pass himself off as a key worker by wearing a hi vis vest. Unfortunately, after the police had pulled him over for a routine lockdown stop, they didn’t buy his story and decided to search his vehicle where they discovered all the drugs. Whoops.

Evans plead guilty of possession of Class A substances with intent to supply and will be sentenced at Swansea Crown Court later in the month. Here’s what a spokeswoman for Dyfed Powys Police said about the incident:

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Evans, the driver of the vehicle, was wearing high visibility work clothing and said he was on the way home after working all night as a key worker. Acting on previous intelligence, Evans was arrested for drug offences.

Police searched the vehicle and found a large package wrapped in brown tape with which was later confirmed to be cocaine, to the estimated value of around £57,000.

He was charged with the offence and remanded to appear in court.

Well there you have it, the demand for cocaine might be there during lockdown but it seems like it’s a bit harder to get your hands on it. If you’re tempted to become a dealer during this time then you probably need to come up with a more believable story other than you’re a key worker. I mean there is an argument for that, but the cops don’t seem to be buying it right?

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