The First Trailer For Deadpool 2 Has Just Dropped


Guess who’s back?

Deadpool was one surprisingly one of the most successful superhero movies ever released when it came out towards the start of last year, so it was no surprise that a sequel was quickly greenlit and rolled into production.

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Now, the first trailer for the Deadpool sequel has dropped and it doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint. Ryan Reynolds is back as the loveable psychopath in the red suit and Josh Brolin has joined the cast as his good ‘friend’ with a massive gun Cable, and well, the rest you can see for yourself:

OK, that didn’t really tell us anything about the movie but probably told us that it’s going to be as dumb as the original, only with the action cranked up a notch judging by that short montage we got of a load of stuff going down, and by the fact that one of the John Wick co-directors is behind the camera as well.  Especially like it when Deadpool sat up out of the coffin – you can probably bet that that’s going to be one hell of a scene when the movie drops.

Unfortunately we’re gonna have to wait until June 1st 2018 to experience it firsthand, but until then check out the plans they’re already making for the third movie in the franchise. Looks like he’s gonna go a long way.


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