Dead Rising 4 Features The Return Of Photojournalist Frank West To The Iconic Locations Of The Original Game


Frank’s back.

Dead Rising has been one of the most iconic video games of the last decade, thanks to its huge infestations of zombies that would stop at nothing to rip your character to pieces – and its intensely satisfying weaponry to absolutely annihilate them.

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To celebrate the original game’s ten year anniversary and the fourth instalment of the franchise, Dead Rising 4 is reuniting the player with the hilarious original protagonist of the games Frank West, who is returning to the city of Willamette, Colorado over the festive period only to find another zombie outbreak. Yes, he’ll be spending time in the original iconic shopping mall, but this sequel only spends a small amount of time there before whisking you away to explore the town of Willamette proper in an open world map.

However, you probably won’t be admiring the scenery too much, as every single square inch of the town is filled with zombies trying to rip your guts out. Thankfully, there’s a whole new variety of weapons, vehicles, suits and ways to kill the assholes in the most satisfying ways possible, including an ice sword, and electrified axe and a fire breathing triceratops head – yeah, really – so you’ll be spending most of your time doing that. That’s what you bought the game for, after all.

You can watch the teaser trailer for the game below, which features a zombiefied spin on that classic  advert where the guy stands on the phone book to kiss the girl underneath the mistletoe:

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Brutal, but I suppose you would expect nothing else from the Dead Rising games. Yeah, hours of fun to be had there just from killing zombies and that’s before we’ve even gone into any detail about the plotlines and missions to look forward to as well. Dead Rising 4 is bound to give you hours of festive entertainment when you find it in your stocking this year, that’s for sure.

The game is out now on exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10, so if you can’t wait until Christmas then just pick it up right now and start obliterating those zombies. You can do so right here.


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