A Dead Brothel Owner Won A Seat In Nevada During The US Midterm Elections

Denis Hof


Whilst the results of the US midterm election might be slightly surprising to some people out there, I don’t think anyone could be more surprised about the fact that a dead brothel owner managed to get elected.

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Normally I would expect people to have to actually be alive to campaign for a seat in a government body, but apparently this isn’t actually a prerequisite in America which perhaps helps to explain why the political climate over there is so screwed up now. I mean how is a dead guy gonna run the state for you?

The man elected was 72 year old (he’s never ever gonna get any older remember) Dennis Hof. He had sadly passed away on October 16th after a four day long party celebrating his birthday which was attended by a whole bunch of people including famous porn star Ron Jeremy. There are no suspicions of foul play surrounding his passing – it’s thought that his heart probably gave out after indulging in so many excesses for his birthday.


Nevertheless, Republicans thought it would be better to leave his name on the ballot ticket and he managed to soundly defeat Democratic educator Lesia Romanov despite running on a pro Trump stance. In truth, the seat was never really in danger in a heavily Republican area, but it’s kinda weird that they didn’t just put someone else on the ticket as that’s who will now be running affairs in the area. Dumb – but I guess that’s American politics for you.

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