A+ Video Of ‘DayZ’ Player Being Held Hostage And Saving His Own Life With His Guitar Skills

This is brilliant.

DayZ is an online multiplayer survival game that looks like a tonne of fun on this evidence, as you get to run around a vast open world forming clans/enemies with other players. As is the nature of these things though, you can never be sure who to trust.

This one dude got kidnapped by a bunch of guys who threatened to execute him unless he could belt out a song good enough to save his life. Here’s what went down:

Absolutely nailed it, though it would’ve been awesome if he’d lulled them into a false sense of musical security and sneakily escaped/grabbed a gun and killed them all. Either way — classic video.

Can’t wait to see how this plays out on the Oculus Rift’s horror survival – The Forest.


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