‘Days Gone’ Is A Video Game About A Mongrel Motorcylce Club Member Living In A Zombie Apocalypse

Days Gone

Boy does this look good.

It’s pretty difficult to come up with an original idea for a video game idea and whilst ‘Days Gone’ isn’t exactly the most original because it still features a zombie apocalypse (one of video games’ favourite plot devices), it’s certainly trying to get some marks on the creativity front.

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‘Days Gone’ tells the story of Deacon, a mongrel mercenary motorcyclist living in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, where seemingly everything wants to kill him. Check out the play through below, followed by an alternate version which shows just how dynamic events can be in the game and how playing it through twice will never be the same:

Looks seriously good right? What could be more fun than roaming around on a motorbike in the zombie apocalypse kicking ass and taking names eh? No, I’m not sure either.

Unfortunately, there’s no news on a release date yet but it’s promised to be here by the end of 2017. It seems kind of ridiculous that they wouldn’t release it before Christmas as well, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long.

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