A Day In The Life Of Bostin Loyd Shows How Fucked Up Bodybuilding Has Become

Bostin Loyd Injecting Steroids

Injecting steroids all day long.

Bodybuilding as a sport has long had the lingering stench of steroid abuse hanging around it, and videos like the one below aren’t going to do that perception any favours at all. In fact, I’m not sure why it’s even been released to be honest – unless it’s to act as a warning/deterrent for people looking to get into the industry – because it doesn’t show the sport or its protagonist Bostin Loyd in a good light at all.

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The video follows Loyd throughout a day in his life and it seems like the key characteristic of his life is shooting his body full of steroids and synthol and anything else that makes your muscles bigger. He even does some in the car park on his way to the gym.

Take a break dude, Jesus – this is not a good way to live your life:

Geez, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to have no interest in bulking up ever. I would not want to exist in that state at all. No way. Bodybuilding is fucking dumb.

To see how stupid bodybuilders can actually be in comparison – Loyd is obviously an idiot doing all this stuff but he seems to have it under control to some degree – then click here.


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