Dawson’s Creek Gets Recreated With Dachsunds

Dachsund's Creek

The dog playing James Van Der Beek really gives him a run for his money.

I’m not going to lie, when I was growing up Dawson’s Creek was definitely one of my favourite TV shows because at the time it was actually really edgy and talked about sex in a way that few other high school shows did. Of course, if you watch it back now it comes across as the lamest thing ever given how far the high school genre has come in the past fifteen years, but at the time it was actually pretty good, you’ve just got to trust me on that.

Despite my recommendation though, it was fairly clear that the characters followed each other around like lovesick puppies for the most part so it makes sense that someone would recreate the show when the characters actually are lovesick puppies.

In the recreation you see a few scenes from the pilot episode played out where several of the characters talk about sex  – which again sounds remarkably lame given more recent shows – as well as the iconic title sequence. Th attention to detail from the creator really is impressive as he’s painstakingly recreated the scenes almost perfectly, only with dogs rather than humans. It certainly adds a whole new dimension to the show – to be honest it probably would have been better if the characters were all played by dogs, especially James Van Der Beek.

It’s not the best recreation of the year by any means though – that surely must got to the 38 year old Rufio re-enacting his death scene from Hook. That really was special.


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