David Walliams Is Being Trolled For A Joke He Made About Caroline Flack At The National Television Awards

The country is still reeling from the tragic death of Caroline Flack over the weekend, who seemingly committed suicide after she was relentlessly trolled by pretty much everyone in the country following an incident with her boyfriend Lewis Burton where she allegedly smashed a light over his head whilst he was asleep.

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Whilst many media outlets have been blamed for her death, one man who is getting it more than anyone else on Twitter right now is comedian David Walliams, who made a joke about her at the National Television Awards last week. When The Hedgehog from The Masked Singer appeared on the screen, he said ‘It’s so nice to see Caroline Flack back on TV’, which at the time probably wasn’t even that insensitive, even if it’s not that funny. It was roundly booed by the audience at the show at least.

Anyway, here’s a few of the tweets that have been aimed at Walliams in the past 48 hours:

Yeah I mean this seems like the most nonsensical way to deal with this happening ever? I imagine Walliams is feeling pretty terrible that a joke he made may have contributed to Flack’s death, but by making him the scapegoat and trolling him surely everyone is just doing exactly what they were doing to Caroline that tipped her over the edge and drove her to suicide? Hasn’t anyone learned anything from this?

Completely peak Twitter but I suppose that’s what you come to expect in 2020 sadly. RIP Caroline Flack and let’s hope we aren’t writing an article about David Walliams’ untimely death anytime soon either.

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