Dominican Dudes Track Down And Beat The Absolute Shit Out Of The Man Who Shot David Ortiz (NSFL)

Sensitive content.

I don’t expect many people who visit Sick Chirpse follow Major League Baseball, but there’s a big story in the US right now concerning former MLB hitter David Ortiz, who was shot in a botched assassination attempt in his native Dominican Republic the other day.

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David Ortiz AKA Big Papi was apparently having an affair with the wife of a big time Dominican drug lord and was warned that there was a price on his head.

Here’s footage of the attempted assassination – Ortiz is the big guy at the top of the screen who gets shot in the back. Not the best quality but sensitive content obviously:

Thankfully Ortiz made it to hospital and looks like he’s going to pull through. Bad news for the guy who shot him though – the locals chased him down, caught him and put an absolute beatdown on him before the police arrived (who probably gave him even more beats):

And here he is in police custody afterwards:

Welp, that’s what you get for shooting one of the most famous and popular Dominicans in the country’s history. It’s about as stupid as someone trying to murder David Attenborough in England – if the police don’t get you, anyone who’s ever watched Planet Earth will.  Here’s hoping Ortiz is back up on his feet and enjoying his retirement again ASAP.

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