David Mitchell And Robert Webb Of Peep Show Are Teaming Up For A New Series


Is this a good idea?

Peep Show entertained us for nine series following the awkward misadventures of Mark Corrigan and Jeremy Usborne, and whilst that may be over for the time being, it turns out that the actors that played the two antiheroes haven’t had enough of each other yet and are reuniting for another unnamed six episode Channel 4 sitcom.

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David Mitchell and Robert Webb will star in another ‘odd couple’ style programme from the mind of  Emmy-winning Peep Show alum Simon Blackwell – here’s the plot synopsis:

Mitchell plays Stephen, who finally inherits the family pub after the death of his father, a landlord and ‘local legend.’ For Stephen, divorced and whose only achievement so far has been a “slightly disappointing pub refurb”, taking over the pub is his chance to shine.

But his plans are thwarted by the arrival of the charismatic Andrew (Webb), one of a number of children fostered as a teenager by Stephen’s parents. Andrew, who has traveled the world and can do no wrong in the eyes of Stephen’s mother and sister, wants his family back.

Mitchell’s character has always resented Andrew and thinks he’s a “glib, dangerous sociopath who’s about to steal his family, his business and his life.”


That doesn’t sound bad and will probably play to Mitchell and Webb’s strengths, but surely it would have been a better idea to get some other actors in to play the two protagonists because surely everyone watching it is just going to be thinking it’s Mark and Jez on the screen? I mean all those parts in inverted commas in the synopsis literally sound like they’re coming out of Mark’s mouth in Peep Show already, don’t they?

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Not sure how this is going to turn out but will probably tune in. It’s going to be on Channel 4 next year and I’m sure it’ll be hyped up to the max so you won’t miss it. In the meantime, why not checkout one of Super Hans’ DJ sets? That’ll get you going.


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