Incredible Coat Hanger Art By David Mach

You may well think that coat hangers aren’t good for anything other than hanging coats. Well you’re wrong. David Mach will show you why…

I bet if you were asked whether coat hangers were boring or not you’d probably say that they were. You’d say they were massively dull. And you’d be right, they are monumentally inconsequential. But in the right hands they can come to life and look amazing. Those right hands belong to David Mach from Fife, Scotland. He’s been banging out coat hanger art for years.

David Mach - Coathanger Art - Mickey Mouse

Here’s a tiger and a cheetah looking more terrifying than they would in real life:

David Mach - Coathanger Art - Tiger

He seems to enjoy making wild animals that look very angry indeed.

David Mach - Coathanger Art - Wild Thing 2009

David Mach has been a sculptor for many decades and likes to use objects that have been mass-produced like magazines, teddy bears, newspapers, car tyres and match sticks. But it is with coat hangers that he does his best work (in my humble opinion). Here’s the man himself yelling at his own art.

David Mach - Coathanger Art - the man himself

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