David De Gea Has Spoken Out About The Allegations That He Organised The Rape Of A Minor



Earlier we reported that David De Gea had been sent home from Euro 2016 following allegations that he had participated in the rape of minor.

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Well, the man himself has come out and just performed a press conference in which he’s clarified that it’s all lies and that he’ll actually be staying on and competing at Euro 2016 – if his country selects him. Here’s his full statement:

This is all something false which has come out in the press.

This now in the hands of my lawyers. This gives me more strength to train more, to help the team however I can.

I’m still very relaxed, just want to train and do what I like to do.

I just want the tournament to start and to play.

This is in the hands of my lawyers now.

I am very relaxed and nothing else. It is all false. Nothing much more I can say.

David De Gea

I have not planned to leave the national team.

I’ve left it in the hands of my lawyers.

It’s all lies.

I am a quiet guy and it is difficult that something affects me. And when something is false more reasons not to be affected

I was playing the Playstation in the room when I was told about it. Above all I wanted to tell my family, so they know this is all false, and they can be relaxed.

I know what I have done with my life. It is all false.

I have no idea where reports came from or how I could be [mixed up] in this. I am very relaxed, and I can only say it is all false.

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Well, I suppose it isn’t really that surprising that he’s going to flat out deny it, but it is more surprising that he’s been allowed to stay with the team and might end up playing in a couple of days time. There has to be some inkling of truth in it for it to even get this far though, so it’ll be interesting to see what other slices of information come out in the coming days.

Until then, why not relive the Karim Benzema sex tape controversy that saw him thrown off the French national team.



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