David Cameron Names Birds ‘Boris Johnson’ Before Shooting Them

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It’s expected that you’re probably going to make a bunch of enemies during your time as a politician because the whole nature of the job entails screwing people over and betraying them massively on the regs, but I didn’t really think that politicians would still be so bitter about everything after they’ve retired. Turns out I was wrong though.

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David Cameron has benefit of the public eye since his resignation as Prime Minister following the Brexit vote, but he was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He was asked what he had been spending his time doing now that he’s no longer running the United Kingdom and gave the following answer:

London Olympics Opening Ceremony

I have used the extra time to take up shooting again.

I find that when I shoot a few Borises and Michaels I feel a whole lot better.

Despite giving up frontline politics, I’m still fully wedded to public service but in the meantime I’m available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

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Great joke there pal, haven’t heard that one before. The key part of that though is that he likes to call name birds after both Boris Johnson and Michael Grove and then kill them. Obviously he’s still sore that both of them came out as key ‘Leave’ campaigners after he expected them to side with him in the Remain camp. Hope he’s getting some satisfaction out of it all in his retirement – doesn’t sound like he’s really been able to leave the job behind, does it?

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