David Cameron Stole A Speech From Mike Bassett England Manager

david cameron mike bassett

Every wonder how politicians write their speeches? Apparently they check out crappy old movies and just steal them word for word.

david cameron mike bassett

I don’t really watch David Cameron’s speeches – not that I discriminate against politicians I just can’t really be fucked with them and don’t watch any of them, although sometimes it’s fun to watch those debates so you can see them squirm – and I haven’t seen Mike Bassett: England Manager –  even though I heard it was quite funny and Dream Team favourite Karl Fletcher had a pretty prominent role in it I just never got around to it – so it probably makes me the least qualified person to talk about this new video but whatever, here goes.

This is basically an edit of a David Cameron speech – I don’t know when it was made, did you not read the first paragraph? – cut with a bunch of moments from Mike Bassett: England manager which pretty clearly shows that David Cameron completely ripped off Mike Bassett. Some of the lines are completely identical, the only difference being that Mike Bassett probably delivers them better than David Cameron ever could. We did actually write an article about David Cameron’s DVD collection once, but it was kinda a small picture and I couldn’t tell if Mike Bassett: England Manager was in it or not but it might be worth giving it the once over and checking it out. Having said that I doubt that David Cameron actually bothers to write his own speech and probably pays some lackey to do it. Well looks like said lackey got busted because he’s just stealing his lines from Mike Bassett: England Manager.

As Limp Bizkit would say, you better get some better beats, and uh get some better rhymes. Check out the video that exposes David Cameron’s lazy speech writing skills below:

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