David Cameron Mocked For Paying For Facebook Friends

David Cameron Facebook Likes

His social media team really is the worst ever.

Following his rather embarrassing ‘selfie gaffe’ where he took a picture of himself on the phone with the caption ‘on the phone to President Obama’, David Cameron’s social media team is continuing to be the laughing stock of the world as it’s been alleged that they paid for most of their Facebook Likes.

Apparently, according to The Mail On Sunday – which is hardly the best source, but whatever this story is jokes so hopefully it is true – David Cameron’s team spent around £7500 on buying fake Facebook Likes to make it look as if he was becoming more popular. I mean it’s a legitimate strategy because we all know middle aged conservatives spend a lot of time on Facebook and using social media, it’s not at all suspicious.

Despite it all being fake, David Cameron did increase his Facebook Likes from 47,000 to 127,000 over the course of the campaign – which I guess would look kind of impressive – and was particularly stoked when he managed to pass Nick Clegg during it, who is languishing on 80,000 Likes, which I’m sure he (probably) all paid for himself. An unnamed Liberal Democrat MP seemed to confirm this by describing Cameron’s tactics as ‘pretty pathetic’. Quite.

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