Twitter Goes Nuts Over David Bowie Tribute In Sheffield Which ‘Looks More Like Pat Sharp’

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Just when you thought that upcoming Kanye West album was the most diabolical tribute planned to commerorate the late, great David Bowie, a graffiti artist by the name of Trik knocked up this 7ft mural in Sheffield earlier this week.

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To be fair it’s pretty dope — but what I can’t unsee after someone mentioned it on Twitter is that it looks way more like Pat Sharp than David Bowie.

BBC Radio Sheffield brought the artwork, located in the city’s Division Street, to the attention of social media:

And here’s what everyone had to say about it:

Trik, the graffiti artist behind the mural, doesn’t think it’s that bad:

Let them hate, I’m finding it fun.

He then kinda back-tracked by suggesting he might paint over it with something else:

It’s not very nice to see people talking about me as an artist.

I’m going to get a picture of it so it will be fine, but I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do.

Meanwhile, Pat Sharp gave his two cents:

Brings back painful memories of that Pat Sharp-related reader confession sent in to us a few weeks ago.


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