David Blaine Will Float From New Jersey To New York Holding Helium Balloons

It’s his first stunt in ten years.

I can’t say that I’ve missed David Blaine’s stupid stunts – I hadn’t even noticed that he hadn’t done one for ten years – but now that he’s coming back with one I’m all for it, especially when it’s as silly as this one.

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Blaine has announced that his latest party trick is called ‘Ascension’ and it will involve him floating from New Jersey to New York holding onto a bunch of helium balloons, kinda like Carl from ‘Up’. Here’s the trailer for it:

Dramatic, but I suppose you wouldn’t expect anything less from someone like David Blaine would you, especially when it’s his first stunt in ten years. He’s promised that it ‘will bring wonder, hope and untethered possibility as he launches from New Jersey and journeys across his native New York City skyline to tackle his most ambitious and revolutionary feat yet.’ Wow.

Again though, to me it just sounds kinda stupid. Yeah, I guess nobody has ever done anything like this before – at least I don’t think they have – but once again it’s just gonna involve him standing still for a really long time whilst he floats along on the balloons. It’s hardly going to be riveting television is it, although I guess we’ll all tune in on the off chance he might fall or something might go wrong. That’s how he gets you.

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