David Beckham was inspired by George Costanza from Seinfeld in regards to naming his new daughter. No joke. We prove it.

So by now you’ve probably all heard that David Beckham has decided to name his fourth child Harper Seven. Rumours are abound about the origins of this name and just why David Beckham and Victoria have chosen it. It seems that nobody noticed that their other children have completely ridiculous names like Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. One theory proposes that it’s some kind of tribute to Harper Lee, the famous author of To Kill A Mockingbird, but that doesn’t seem very likely to me. I mean David Beckham reading a literary classic? Come on. Another theory proposes that it’s a tribute to Harpercollins, who recently published David Beckham’s autobiography, which sounds slightly more likely. Obviously the thinking behind Seven is a lot easier to understand as it was his old number at Manchester United and when he played for England all those years ago.

However, Sick Chirpse can reveal the source of David Beckham’s inspiration for giving his daughter the middle name Seven. Although it is believable that David Beckham came up with the ridiculous moniker himself (I often wondered if Victoria Beckham has any say in the naming of her children, but I guess if she’s gonna put up with David Beckham fvcking sluts like Rebecca Loos all the time, baby names probably aren’t as important. Or perhaps this makes them more important as it gets them in the newspapers again? Unsure), judging by the efforts on his previous offspring, it turns out that Beckham was actually inspired by old episodes of Seinfeld . Beckham has actually become addicted to old re-runs of the show since his move to the United States and is particularly a fan of perennial loser George Costanza.

After seeing this clip, Beckham knew that there was no way he couldn’t include his old number in the name of his new child. This clip below shows George Costanza reveal to his current girlfriend that he intends to name his first child Seven, although it’s in reference to some baseball players number rather than his own number. Like George Costanza ever played sports – that’s almost as ridiculous as David Beckham reading To Kill A Mockingbird. This Seinfeld clip originally aired way back in 1996 – did David Beckham even have the number 7 shirt then? – and so kind of proves that it was George’s idea and that Beckham must be copying him, if there was ever any doubt.


To celebrate the impending arrival of Harper Seven, David Beckham scored directly from a corner kick in the MLS over the weekend, which is kinda cool. Apparently he’s done this before when he was on loan at Preston, which sort of goes to show how shitty the standard is in the MLS. Apparently Becks meant to do it, and I believe him, I mean he might as well give it a shot right? He’s only playing in the MLS. Here’s a video of it anyway:


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