David Beckham ‘Lookalike’ Brags That Taxpayer’s Money Will Always Fund His Lifestyle



Every couple of months you get one of these morons speaking out to the media to brag about how their benefits have funded ridiculous plastic surgery despite the fact that most working people can’t afford surgery, even in full time jobs.

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Latest up is this 20-year-old guy called Jack Johnson, who has been bragging that taxpayers have funded his £20,000 surgery to look like David Beckham, despite the fact that he’s a chubby idiot who looks nothing like David Beckham. Here’s his lengthy diatribe on the subject:

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I’m going to Poland soon to have work done to my face to look like him and taxpayers will be paying for it.

Taxpayers are paying for my champagne lifestyle and will continue to pay because I have got depression.

I was diagnosed with a very mild case of it, but depression is depression.

Why should I work when you can have David Beckham’s lifestyle by just staying home?

I got back paid some money after my benefits got stopped about three months after I was on This Morning.

People reported me as they thought now I’m famous I’m making loads of money.

I didn’t get any benefits for about four months in total.

I’m back on them now and even laughing more as I got back paid £4,500.

I’m loving life again and this time will be a look-a-like.

I’m even going to change my surname to Beckham by deed poll.

Only my friends and family know I want to be a footballer – I ain’t told my social media followers yet.

They might think I’m stupid, but I’m deadly serious and committed to having a lifestyle like Beckham.

I have been going to football training for 7 weeks now.

Next year I’m booked in to have a gastric band. Then when I’ve lost the weight I can try to be a professional footballer.

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Well, that’s certainly a lot to take in, isn’t it? I suppose it’s kind of cool that he’s loving life now and has some actual goals in terms of becoming a professional footballer or a lookalike, but I think that both of them are such unrealistic goals that he’ll probably just end up depressed again.

Also, I’m not really sure how he has a ‘champagne lifestyle’ when he receives £370 a month disability payment (for his depression) and gets his £400 a month rent payed. No offence pal, but that sounds like the crappest lifestyle ever, especially if you’re spending at least some of it on ridiculous plastic surgery in Poland. I mean even in Poland that’s probably gonna set you back a good chunk of your £370.

In all honesty though, aside from his snide comments about taxpayers paying for his crumby lifestyle, I hope Jack can sort himself out. Mental health is a huge issue right now and a lot of people who have plastic surgery to look like celebrities end up depressed and suicidal. Despite the fact he’s acting like an ass, I don’t wanna see the guy die so I hope he can sort out his depression and do something positive.

For an example of that, check out this story about a guy who paid $100,000 on surgery to look like Justin Bieber, looked nothing like him and died of a drug overdose. Sad.



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