David Beckham Just OWNED Son Brooklyn While He Was Trying To Celebrate 1 Million Instagram Followers

Brooklyn Beckham just got sonned big time.

Despite not having done much with his life yet (other than be the son of David & Victoria Beckham), the (literally?) luckiest kid on the planet Brooklyn Beckham hit 1 million Instagram followers and uploaded a video to thank everyone.

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What better time for dad to bring him crashing right back down to Earth:

Ouch. Emasculation city, population = Brooklyn Beckham. What’s 1 million followers to 52 million followers? Basically like asking what’s a peasant to a King. Gonna have to score a few goals, marry a Spice girl, have a film named after you, do some underwear ads and make a few hundred million before you can even think about 52 million followers, kid. Know your role, shut your mouth, do your homework, etc. Leave the Instragram groupies and 52 million followers to dad and Jesus.

After all, we can’t all leave fans trampling on each other and putting one another in hospital wherever we go.


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