David Arquette Took Part In A Violent Wrestling Death Match Which Went Dangerously Off Script

David Arquette Death Match


In the year 2018, everyone knows that wrestling is scripted and ‘fake’, but I think the majority of people also know that even though this is the case, it’s still highly dangerous – especially in matches that involves weapons.

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That’s probably why people like David Arquette should stay out of the ring in case they get hurt. Arquette is probably famous to most people out there for staring in the Scream trilogy (and the fourth one) as well as being married to Courtney Cox, but some of you might know that he briefly won the WCW world heavyweight title during the heigh of his fame when he was promoting a wrestling movie called Ready To Rumble.

Arquette has been trolled about this for 18 years – WCW went out of business in part due to it so maybe that isn’t so bad – and now seems determined to make a name for himself in the pro wrestling scene because of this. He’s been taking some bookings in independent shows over the past year or show and on Saturday night faced his biggest test, where he took on Nick Gage in a death match.

In case you don’t know, Nick Gage is one of the most notorious and dangerous wrestlers on the indie scene. He actually spent five years in jail for armed robbery and most of his matches normally end up in absolute carnage.

Not sure if Arquette knew this but maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised when his neck ended up sliced by a  smashed light tube fitting. He tried to walk out of the ring and stop the match and then proceeded to get visibly angry with Gage and throw a chair at him, before taking the pin and stomping off out of the ring. Here are some highlights – they are pretty brutal though FYI if you’re squeamish:

Yeowch. That does not look good. You can even see Gage mouth ‘I’m sorry’ to him when Arquette looks at him after he cuts his neck, but it’s kinda weird he wouldn’t just take the pin and end the match right there and then if there was a serious problem. I suppose he did a couple of minutes later and stuck to the script by winning, but still a slashed neck isn’t something you see too often in wrestling is it? Maybe Arquette was right to try and end it as quickly as possible? Bit of a weird one really, and probably not the last we’ll hear about it either.

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