Dave Chappelle Attacked On Stage At Netflix Is A Joke Festival, Jamie Foxx Rushes To Help

Cheers, Will Smith.

Many people predicted that Will Smith’s stunt at the Oscars would result in more comedians being assaulted for telling jokes on stage, and sure enough that’s exactly what went down during Dave Chappelle’s set at the Netflix Is A Joke festival at the Hollywood Bowl last night.

Watch the stage invader attempt (and fail?) to tackle him below:

Naturally, Chappelle continued his set and later made fun of the invader:

‘I don’t know if that was part of the show or… I grabbed the back of that n****s head, his hair was spongy, absorbant.’

He then thanked Jamie Foxx for rushing in to help him, saying:

‘Listen, I just want to say I’ve had an incredible time. This guy is a genius, we’ve got to protect him at all times, man. This is what it’s about.’

Chappelle also joked about ‘stomping a n***a backstage’ with his entourage, which sounds like a decent deterrent for the future. I’m not sure how much the Oscars stuff really opened the door for this sort of thing but it can’t have helped, especially as Will Smith was basically unpunished. I wonder if the attacker’s motivation had anything to do with Chappelle’s transgender jokes over the years? Maybe it was a trans man/woman rushing the stage? I’m sure we’ll find out in due course.

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