Dave Benson Philips Is Becoming A Pro Wrestler

Dave Benson Philips


You probably remember Dave Benson Philips as the wacky presenter of classic children’s comedy show ‘Get Your Own Back’ where privileged kids could get their own back on their parents for making them go to bed early or doing their homework by drenching them in gunge. Not really sure why the show hasn’t been revamped or was even cancelled in the first place when you put it like that.

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Anyway, I haven’t really been aware of what Dave Benson Philips has been doing for the last 20 years but I imagine he’s just been appearing in pantomimes and crap as that’s what washed up old celebrities tend to do. Now though, he’s set his sights on something else: pro wrestling.

Wow. Apparently Dave Benson Philips doesn’t have any experience in wrestling, so I imagine it’s gonna be like when Jay Leno showed up to fight Hulk Hogan back in the day and was pretty useless, except on a much, much, much, much lower scale.

If you’re interested, Martina is meant to be one of the most entertaining wrestlers on the UK scene as she’s pretty much a chav version of Stone Cold Steve Austin, downing tins of Stella on the way to the ring. Sounds pretty wild.

The event takes place in Brighton on August 3rd and I got no idea how much it costs so you’re on your own there. Should be a blast though if you’re in the area. I can see it now ‘Dave Benson Philips has got the gunge! Oh my god!’

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