Daughter Makes Sex Tapes With Father To Stop Him From Marrying Fiancée



A recent court case uncovered what might just be one of the most bizarre news stories we’ve heard over the last few weeks.

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Back in 2008, a teenage girl over in Hong Kong who was 19 at the time wanted to put a stop to her father marrying his fiancée. Most kids just try the classic cold shoulder or spitting in their stepmum’s food or something, but this girl took it to a sinister level by actually seducing and having sex with the dad.

They were found out when the girl’s younger brother discovered a sex tape of the pair and he called the police. I bet that poor kid was scarred for life.

The girl’s lawyer told the District Court the incestuous incident occurred due to, “misplaced love, infatuation and devotion to her father,” and because she had been deprived of a mother’s love. I do feel for her in that sense, but that’s still no reason to go shagging your dad.

The woman, now 26, and her dad, 58, confessed to incest, but the judge has now asked for a psychological report to be prepared about the daughter and will consider a non-custodial sentence for her, but not the dad.

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The woman’s lawyer (all the people involved have been left unnamed in case you hadn’t noticed, for confidentiality reasons) said:

This case is highly unusual.

It serves no purpose to society to lock her up and punish her.

Apparently when they initially got found out, the girl tried to blame the whole thing on herself, which the lawyer says:

Shows the extent of devotion and infatuation the defendant had for her father. 

I want to know more about what the dad’s issue is. By the sounds of things, this girl was and still is suffering from some sort of bizarre and unnatural love for her dad, which has stemmed from childhood. So why the hell did he let this happen? Either way, it looks like he’s headed for prison and I’m pretty sure they don’t treat daughter fuckers too kindly in jail. He’d better watch his back.

To read about the creep who tried to start an ‘incest family’, click HERE.



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