Dating Expert Says ‘Avoid Fat Entitled UK Women’ Because Eastern Europeans Are Sexier


A British dating expert is about to become the most hated man in the UK after he has admitted that he tells his clients to date Eastern European girls instead because they’re “more feminine, well-mannered and prettier”.

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Richard La Ruina from Cambridge considers himself one of the country’s best daters and has published two books on the art of seduction.

Richard, 37, tells men to avoid British women because they’re “entitled and overweight” and firmly advises to go for Eastern European women instead. I don’t even know where to begin with how wrong his opinions are – the fact that this is his line of work is even more disturbing.

Apparently after realising that British women were “not marriage material” (wow), Richard moved to Russia in order to find a wife. He ended up dating around 200 “good and beautiful Russian women” before meeting his wife Katia in 2015. Here’s what he had to say:

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In my professional and personal opinion, I would recommend that my male clients not date British women. If you’re looking for a woman who is beautiful, intelligent and has good manners, then go for an Eastern European girl.

Obviously my mum is English and not like this – but in general, I think British women are entitled, overweight and less feminine. They want a guy who is successful, good-looking and chivalrous even though they don’t have much to offer in return.

And they want the man to be a gentleman even though they refuse to fulfill the traditional role of the woman in the household and take care of their looks. English women just think they deserve to be with a man like that.

I’ve met so many successful, nice British guys who are struggling to find a girlfriend in the UK dating scene – because English women are looking for too much. They’re too confused and they don’t make pleasant wives.

And obviously, looks and beauty play a huge factor too. Tall and thin girls are the norm in Eastern European countries.

For me though, women in Russia are the whole package. You can go to Russia and easily find a woman who looks like a supermodel, has a Masters degree and can play the violin at the same time.

Richard La Ruina

I moved to Moscow for my love life and to find a wife. That was my number one goal. I dated hundreds of beautiful Russian girls until I met Katia.

Of course, I think British women should change. They could learn a lot from Russian girls on how to be an attractive and beautiful – not just in looks but also in behaviour.

When I was single, I kept the fact about Eastern European women being better than British women a secret because I was enjoying the company of so many wonderful girls. But now I’m married, I’m happy to spread the message.

Spread the message? What that you’re a complete and utter tosser who requires all women to shut up, look good and spend their life in the kitchen? Message received mate, loud and clear.

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