Data Scientist Fired Over COVID-19 Research Was Previously Fired For Shagging A Student & Revenge Porn


A data scientist working for the Florida Health Department claims she was fired this month after refusing to fudge coronavirus infection numbers, but an investigation by MailOnline has cast doubts on her integrity.

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It turns out Rebekah Jones, 30, has a lurid past including three arrests and an affair with her student which resulted in her vandalising his car, starting a revenge porn website about him, and being fired from her previous university teaching job as a result.

Which kinda supports Florida Governor Ron DeSantis assertion that Jones was axed from her latest job because she was ‘disruptive.’

The investigation revealed that married Jones was fired from Florida State University for having an affair with one of her students while she herself was a PhD student and instructor in 2017.

She chronicled the affair in great deal in a 342-page essay (!) that she filed as part of a now-dismissed defamation case and ended with three arrests and revenge porn and cyber stalking cases against her as well as a fake claim of a pregnancy. Tut tut.

In the essay she included graphic details of her sexual encounters with 21-year-old student Garrett Sweeterman, as well as X-rated sexual fantasies they were sending each other via text. The essay even describes specific body sensations she had while shagging him on the floor of her university office and comments on the size of his manhood.

Florida State University sacked Jones over the affair, and she was then arrested for vandalising Sweeterman’s car. Court records show she was also charged with three counts of cyberstalking Sweeterman after she created a revenge porn website called ‘SurvivingGarrett’ and sent the link to online boards focusing on women’s issues and the #metoo movement. The site included nude photos of Sweeterman that he had sent her while they were having the affair. Yikes!

This is Garrett Sweeterman:

Is it possible that Rebekah Jones was asked to fudge coronavirus numbers? Well I suspect that’s happening everywhere in both directions depending on the political agenda so yes, it is possible. But it’s tough to take the professor’s word over it since she’s now been exposed as some kind of crazy, cyberstalking, revenge porn-uploading, cock-hungry lunatic.

What I don’t get is why they didn’t have all this information prior to giving Jones a government job with so much responsibility during a time like this? You’d think the fact she banged a student on the floor of her office, wrote a 300+ page essay about it, vandalised his car, started a revenge porn site about him and faked a pregnancy would be something to take into account.

Again though, she could be telling the truth about being asked to manipulate coronavirus research. In this case however I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure.

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