Darude Is Going To Represent Finland In This Year’s Eurovision Song Contest


The Eurovision Song Contest is undeniably one of the funniest things you can watch on a Saturday night when you’re wasted because it’s literally the most absurd, ridiculous and usually unorganised event ever and long may it continue.

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There seems to have been a recent resurgence of people you’ve actually heard of competing in the contest and it looks like 2019 is going to be no different, with Darude – the guy who made that dumb song with all the beeps that was humongous about 15 years ago and would instantly spark a bunch of chavs taking their tops off in the club and gurning their faces off whilst pogoing up and down – set to represent his native Finland. The DJ will release a song each on February 8th, 15 and 22nd and then take part in a live show on March 2nd to determine which one will become his country’s entry.

Darude had this to say about taking part in the Eurovision:

This is a huge challenge for me in many ways. When I was asked to represent Finland I felt a bit scared at first, but there was no way I could say no to my country!

It is an honour to be part of this incredible experience and I only have positive expectations!

I mean you would be excited I suppose because the Eurovision Song Contest always looks like fun on TV so it must be way more fun actually being in it. And the fact that he’s announcing this now will definitely lead to a few more plays of Sandstorm on YouTube or whatever which should increase his bank balance slightly as well. You never know – he could actually win the thing as well. You can’t put it past him, although the fact I haven’t heard any of his new music since Sandstorm doesn’t particularly hold up that well for him there.

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