Belarus’ Entry To The Eurovision Song Contest Might Be The Weirdest Entry Yet (NSFW)

Ivan Belarus

Classic Eurovision.

The Eurovision Song Contest is probably the biggest joke in Europe but it still continues to run and get a whole bunch of people tuning in and voting every year, even though I’m sure the majority of them must be getting pissed and laughing at how stupid it is. There’s no other reason why it would continue really is there?

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Every year people try and push the envelope – remember TATU and their lesbian antics – and this year it’s the turn of the Belarusian entry Ivan to cook up a fuss as he’s planning on performing stark naked with a wolf biting his body. Bizarrely, that is actually a normal way to express yourself in this competition, and the fact that Ivan seems to have one eye bigger than the other also makes him an ideal candidate for the position.

The song is called ‘Help You Fly’ and the wolf’s name is Shakira. You can see a ‘version’ of it below where Ivan is naked for a bit (don’t worry, you don’t see his junk) and looks really scared hanging out with this wolf as it bites him a bit and hurts him. It’s pretty weird, the song is a straight up late 80s pop jam though. Almost:

Ivan – whose real name is Alexander Ivanov – said the following about it:

It’ll be a great experience for everyone.

It’s undoubtedly an experience, a great experience… especially as I have never performed on stage before in my birthday suit and with wild animals.

Producer Viktor Drobysh decided not to have a costume to show nature and man are together.

It’s not about vulgarity or sex at all… we want this to be art, not porn.

The beauty that will be in our performance is comparable to Rodin’s The Thinker.

Deep, and definitely the kind of symbolism you expect from the Eurovision Song Contest. Although I’m not sure if it’s gonna be comparable to Rodin’s The Thinker if Ivan is just standing around looking really timid and scared and in pain whilst he gets bitten by wolves though.

Unfortunately, it might not be allowed to happen as Eurovision directors have said that nudity is not appropriate for a family show – they’re planning on seeing a second by second outline of the routine and will decide whether to include it then. Fingers crossed huh?

For more Eurovision Song Contest stupidity, check out Finland’s entry from a couple of years ago that was widely condemned as one of the worst ever.


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