Darkest Craters On The Moon Haven’t Seen Light In Over Two Billion Years

Here’s a NASA video with awesome images of the moon’s dark spots.

The moon has always held our imagination, from myths about a rabbit on its surface creating the elixir of immortality, to its alleged influence over human actions and behaviours. She sails across our sky each day and with her carries clues about our existence into the universe. By now we all know that the moon is a rough pitted terrain with craters and mountains more unforgiving than a scorned drunken girlfriend and colder than one too, but do we know just how dark the darkest spots on the moon are? They haven’t seen light in over two billion years – how’s that for dark?

Even if you don’t give a shit about the moon this video is so cool you just have to check it out. They use a technique called LOLA to generate the topography of the moon’s surface and the images look just ripe for a prog rock album cover. Check it:

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