Dappy Sparks Outrage After Using ‘N’ Word In New Song

Not the smartest move.

Former N-Dubz man Dappy has been MIA since he got that stupid tattoo on his face, but this week he dropped a new EP called ‘Eros Apollo’ which quickly rubbed listeners up the wrong way.

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The reason being that Dappy — who definitely isn’t black (he’s Greek-Cypriot) — used the n-word in one of the tracks:

Then tried to defend himself when people called him out on it:


Here’s the backlash that ensued:

So unless he’s totally brainless, there’s no doubt Dappy saw this backlash coming in which case it’s fair to say the inclusion of the word doubles as a PR move.

I wouldn’t say the guy is a racist, but he’s not doing the world any favours by singing the n-word on his tracks and encouraging other young kids to use it freely.

Here’s a longer explanation he released later:


It wasn’t cool when Justin Bieber said it either.


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