Danny McBride Is Playing Crocodile Dundee’s Son In A Reboot Of The Classic Franchise

Dundee Danny McBride

It’s been a hell of a long time since we’ve seen a Crocodile Dundee movie, but the character remains iconic and legendary due to Paul Hogan’s classic portrayal of him in the two movies all those years ago.

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Apparently, Hogan has been working for several years on a way to bring the character back for a new generation of fans and the result of that is Dundee – The Son Of A Legend Returns Home. Danny McBride is taking up the mantle as the new Crocodile Dundee, the son of there original who has been raised in the city and has to return to Australia to find his father.

All we’ve got so far is this teaser trailer which isn’t actually giving that much about the movie away, but take a look at it and see what you think:

Yeah, seems like it’s going to at least try and attempt to have the same sense of humour as the original with the old knife jokes. Looks like the plot os probably going to revolve around McBride being completely useless in the wild and Hogan having to train him for some reason too, which sounds like the basis of a good movie. Have to wait until the summer to check that out though I guess.

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