Danny Dyer’s Honeymoon Has Been Interrupted By Black Lives Matter Protesters

Danny Dyer Joanne Mas

Of course it has.

Yesterday we bought you news of how Danny Dyer’s wedding had been gatecrashed by none other than Jeremy Clarkson, but it turned out that things haven’t gotten any better for the ‘Eastenders’ star as his honeymoon has now being disrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters.

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Danny and his wife Joanne Mas were due to be flying out of London City Airport today to begin their honeymoon in Italy, only for their flight to be interrupted by the Black Lives Matter protesters who stormed the runway. Nine of them ran onto and occupied the runway, as they sought to raise awareness about the UK’s environmental impact on the lives of black people locally and globally.

Nobody was hurt, but all incoming and outgoing flights were affected which meant Danny’s trip to Italy took a little longer than expected. Fortunately he had someone to look after him during this traumatic time:

Looks like a great guy that Liam eh? Sure Danny probably had a few cheeky tequilas with Jo whilst he was waiting for the plane to take off too. Sounds like he eventually made it to Italy too, if this tweet is anything to go by:

Hope you have a great time over there Danny and Jo. No doubt we’re going to hear that something else completely ridiculous has happened to him tomorrow though – seems like that’s just the way he rolls.

If you want to know the real Danny Dyer, check out this interview we did with him a while back.


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